To My Trump Supporting Friends

It's 11:10pm here in the middle of America. I've all but checked out on the idea that this is going to go how I want it to. Call me a pessimist, but my gut tells me that Trump has the upper hand. He's already won Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. If he wins Michigan it's over, and things aren't looking in Hillary's favor there.

For most of you, it will be after this is called that you read this. If you're a Trump supporter, I suppose congratulations might very much be in order, but frankly, it's much too early and raw for that. Thanks to you and people like you, you elected to office a reality-television character who used veiled racism and bullying to work enough people into enough of a lather that this is the man who got put into office. 

They say time heals all wounds. Forgive me if I say I'm going to need at least one more shot of Wild Turkey (in honor of the late Dr. Thompson, of course) and at least a night's sleep to not hate you.

Forget the grab-em-by-the-pussy bullshit. Trump was right when he called it locker room talk, and there isn't a guy out there who hasn't said something like that privately. It's not right, but we've done it. And no, I don't necessarily believe a bunch of women when their first accusations of sexual assault occur nearly simultaneously just weeks before an election.

It's the public stuff that bothers me the most. Questioning John McCain's heroism. Branding Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers. Mocking a disabled reporter. Complaining about a former Miss Universe's weight. Attacking the family of a Muslim soldier who fought for the U.S. military. Questioning whether a judge can be fair to him because he's Mexican. So many more examples you can't name them all.

There's something to be said for inappropriate comments made only in private. They might not be right, but there's at least some sort of acknowledgement that they are, in fact, inappropriate.

Trump is different. His public comments show a complete lack of respect, or love, or empathy towards anyone who's different, or anyone who isn't a part of his crowd. It's THAT that makes him different. Your candidate, the one you chose to put in office, will take down or tear down anyone if it gets a cheer from the crowd or gets him further ahead.

It doesn't matter if that person is disabled, or if they lost a child to war. Maybe you didn't applaud, but you still gave him your vote. 

You can say what you want about Hillary Clinton (and there is plenty, plenty to say), but she hasn't left entire groups of schoolchildren wondering why she hates them. Kids know a bully when they see one. My 9 year old certainly does, and Donald Trump was the last person he wanted to see in the White House.

So, you got your win. I know it feels good, sometimes, to be a part of the majority. You might have felt like people like yourself had been kicked to the curb one too many times, and it probably felt good to send a fuck you right back to those elites - those people who thought they were more powerful than you who you felt were kicking you while you were down. 

I get it. I really do. Just don't forget who your guy kicked to the curb to send that message. It was more than just the elites, and don't be surprised if they aren't quick to forgive when everyone wants to move on and be friends.  

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