Is This Not The Best Image Of News Reputation On The Internet?

My friend Robyn shared this little tidbit via Facebook, and I'm not so sure that this isn't the best outline of news reputation (who to trust, who to not to trust, who to share and who not to) that I've ever seen. 

The image from WildYucatanMan on Imgur is below.

If you want to fight fake news, the first step is identifying who's the most trustworthy.

But I think there's a couple of extra steps involved, especially if we want to be a more informed and less partisan society. 

First, we have to start consuming multiple sources of news. Check out some of those publications that lean differently than the way you lean. Maybe you'll disagree with them and simply learn something about the other side. Or, perhaps, you'll learn something new that challenges your pre-existing worldview. 

Second, and this is important, you have to make an effort to actually check out multiple news sites every day, and NOT just clicking-through on them when you see a story come up on Facebook. When you rely on Facebook, you're relying on Facebook's algorithm to determine what you see and read. Facebook, for all it has done for society, is in the business of increasing your engagement with Facebook, not providing you with news.

So get yourself a feed reader, or just simply make it a point to check some of these out every day. Then, be someone who shares and speaks the truth. The way we have a more unified, less partisan society is by listening to each other, and the only way for someone to listen to YOU is for you to have some credibility. 

Things are tense in our society, but it's going to get better. It's going to happen one person at a time, and it's going to start with you.

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