Megyn Kelly Leaves Fox News: Why It's Great For Her & Why Fox News Will Survive It

Megyn Kelly made big headlines with her announcement that she'll be leaving Fox News. The New York Times reports that she'll have a daytime talk show, as well as a Sunday show that attempts to challenge CBS's 60 Minutes. 

The NYT article points out that the move won't be without it's challenges. She'll have a larger but more fickle audience, a challenging daytime time period, and be trying to take on a dominant ratings monster on Sundays. 

Still, it's a good move for her. For starters, after publicly clashing with Donald Trump during the election and detailing sexual harassment by former CEO Roger Ailes, the Fox News culture doesn't seem like the right fit for her anymore. This past year it could be argued that she rose above the culture. Therefore staying for more money could be seen as selling out. 

Secondly, the NBC move will give a rising star a chance to branch out. She'll have an opportunity to be seen by more people and expand her capabilities beyond the daily political grind. 

Third, although details of her contract have yet to be released, she'll presumably make more money. 

This move will certainly come as a blow to Fox News. Megyn Kelly has been a ratings winner, and her departure leaves the network with a prime-time lineup consisting solely of white men (Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Tucker Carlson). 

But this is a loss that Fox News can survive. What Fox News has done better than any other cable news network has been to build a brand. Fox News operates itself as a conservative alternative to the mainstream news, and the personalities it chooses to present on its channel are hired to fit that brand. They are to cable news what ESPN is to sports: while both have personalities that are successful in their own right, no one person is bigger than the network. 

In the end, Fox News is the biggest loser in this deal, but it's a survivable blow. For Megyn Kelly, the stakes are high, but the payoff could be tremendous.

Best of luck to each as they move on in 2017.

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