Claire McCaskill's Incredible Slam of Republican Proposals to Divert Public Money to Private Schools

As a political junkie, it's not every day I hear a new argument that I haven't heard before. Leave it to none other than Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill to bring a new angle to the debate regarding public money being used for private schools. 

I've long admired Claire for her political smarts. She's a blue senator who somehow manages to win in a red state. I've voted for her many times even when I've gone red with other candidates. 

It should surprise no one that has watched her over the years that if anyone can take an issue that is a favorite among Republicans and re-frame it as a slap in the face to the rural voters that elected them, it's Claire McCaskill. 

Speaking incredulously about the nomination of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Republican desires to divert public school dollars to private schools (in the name of school choice), McCaskill couldn't help but point out, "In rural areas of this country, there are not private schools for parents and kids to choose. They would have to drive miles."

She went on to say, "If the essence of this woman's career is to take money out of public schools in rural communities and put them in private schools that will never exist in many of these small communities, they are kicking in the shins the very voters that put them in power."

You can watch the exchange below.

Well played, Senator. Well played. 

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