Sorry Guys, I Just Can't Do The Super Bowl This Year

For the first time in my adult life, I'm not watching the Super Bowl. I can't remember the last time I didn't watch it. Maybe one year when I was a kid? If I ever did miss a game, maybe I was a high-schooler out delivering pizzas or something, but as far as my memory can serve me, I've never missed a one. 

Not this year. I have no desire to watch it and so I won't.

I used to be an avid NFL fan, but I've stayed away in recent years. I don't believe I watched a single game last year until the last one. How could I miss Peyton Manning giving it one last shot? But as Peyton got one final Super Bowl win and I wrapped up the game feeling satisfied, I had a feeling that Peyton's expected retirement would be mine, too.

I could act like this is some sort of a protest piece. I could tell you that I've been disgusted by the domestic abuse scandal (I have been), or outraged by allegations of covering up known concussion issues (I have been), but at the end of the day, I've just lost interest in the whole spectacle. 

"You could always watch it for the ads," one might say, which I don't disagree with. Ah, but I work in the ad industry. The last thing I want to do is watch another ad.

Sunday is my day off.

The entertainment value alone could be a draw, I suppose, but how? Cheap, safe, corporate entertainment? "Now, let's honor America with a salute to our troops." Everyone cheers and acts like we're a united America.


Not the part about honoring the military, of course. But when you say something nobody disagrees with, are you really saying anything at all? Where's the art in that? We've just witnessed the hijacking of America by a rogue president who seems hell bent on blowing up the world, and we're going to play it safe? 

There I go making things political again.

Maybe the problem is me. Maybe I'm pissed about the election. Maybe I'm pissed about the NFL in general. Maybe I need a vacation. Maybe I just want to break away from the monotony of it being Super Bowl Sunday and feeling obligated to watch the Super Bowl. 

I have no idea. Somebody else somewhere can give it a better diagnosis than I can. Frankly, figuring it out is somebody else's job. I have absolutely nothing to bring to the table on what the NFL can or should or might do to bring me back into the fold.

I simply write this with the feeling that I'm not the only one walking away this year.

There's a whole new world in existence for me this Sunday. When it comes to the Super Bowl, I've decided to just walk away.

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